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Creative Writing Institute

Creative Writing Institute has an amazing story lurking behind the scenes. They seek the woman who inspired their creation. The woman whose name they don't know. The woman they have never met and cannot find. The woman who doesn't even know they exist. If you want to play Nancy Drew, here's your chance.

In the spring of 2008, Creative Writing Institute's website was in the brew. On a quiet evening, Deborah Owen browsed the net and happened across the picture of a woman whose smile was so captivating that Deborah had to read the article.

It was a newspaper interview about a Texas businesswoman whose world came crashing down with the words, "You have cancer." As her body wasted away, friends and coworkers visited less. At length, only immediate family remained. Nearing the end of her journey - bald, sick and suicidal - the woman decided to do something she had always wanted to do – write. 

At first, only a couple of times a week, but she soon learned how to escape sorrow by painting new worlds into existence with a pen. The more she wrote, the less stress she felt. She didn't know she had stumbled into a new science called writing therapy.

As writing therapy melded with medical treatment, she experienced a miraculous recovery. Restored to health, this dear lady returned to the hospital where she was once a patient and taught other cancer sufferers how to escape their world by writing. She collected their stories, took them home, wrote comments, and returned them to the writers.

The article concluded by saying this woman had but one desire – to take a writing course. A week later, haunted by this story, Deborah Owen decided to donate a writing course, but could not locate the article again.

"Now I realize that if I had found her, that would have been the end of it," Deborah said, "but by not finding her I felt compelled to carry her torch. God rained ideas on me: 

"The new writing school could be a non-profit organization that would scholarship cancer patients. We could educate and encourage sick children and the blind. We could train the unemployed. We could give senior citizens new purpose in life. Public tuition, grants, and donations could support the scholarship program. The possibilities were endless! So here we are."

Creative Writing Institute wants to find the Mystery Lady and bestow honors on her. They believe this lady was in Dallas, Texas or Austin, Texas, and this story occurred about 2007.

One anonymous lady has made a difference in so many people's lives. You can, too. Here's how:

1. Donation -

2. CWI trains volunteers to research articles, post on social media, help with office duties, fundraising, develop the reference room, etc. Some jobs require no experience. If you aren't a writer and can devote only 10 minutes a day, there are jobs for you. Just write to Other ways you can help:

3. Donate a product or expertise and write it off as a tax deduction.

4. Donate ad space on your site.

5. Carry Creative Writing Institute's link.

6. Recommend the site to everyone you know.

7. Help find the Mystery Lady!

9. Click on CWI's blogs, "like" them on Facebook, and make comments to help their ratings.

Everyone can make a difference in life. Share a smile. Give a compliment. Be kind.

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