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              Class Information

Dynamic Nonfiction
Eight-Week Term
Lynn Carroll
Was $260.00   NOW  $177
Beginning Level - Knowing where to begin can be a chore. THIS is the best possible place, even if you don't like nonfiction writing. Why? Because this course gives the best foundation. It has fewer rules to follow. Nonfiction writing outsells fiction 5-1, writes quicker and easier, and pays more. This is how you can finance the rest of your writing education and get much needed experience at the same time.

Upon completion of this course, you will know how to glean ideas, create articles and essays, along with where and how to submit them. You'll learn how to cluster, select your niche, target an audience, organize research, and interview subjects. You will study writer's guidelines, learn how to match your work to the market, create a submission calendar, avoid plagiarism, cite MLA and APA like a pro, and use hook sentences. Study various writing techniques, proper research, build a platform, select a pseudonym, structure good paragraphs, use transition sentences, select great titles, learn expository techniques, and parallel sentence structure. We'll study active versus passive voice, learn why editors reject submissions, and we'll write compelling query and cover letters. Finally, you will submit your work for publication and learn about writing sidebars to earn extra income. All of this with a private tutor for only $260.

You will also learn logical construction of arguments, deductive reasoning, forms of appeal, outlining and structuring, transition sentences, how to choose a good title, spatial concept, parallel structure, cite a website, and change passive sentences to active ones.

At the end of this course, you will have a completed article in hand, ready to sell, and you will know the secrets of approaching an editor. *Students should have a reasonable command of proper punctuation, a good command of the English language, be able to form clear sentences, and be able to accept constructive criticism. Count on 90-120 minutes of homework a week.