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           At most writing schools, students can expect to hear from their

           instructors once a week. At Creative Writing Institute,

        your tutor will be available six days a week.

       Let CWI shower you with the

     attention you




       Service is our first product!

            Need prodding? That's what we do best!

          •  Attend in  the  comfort of your home

                     •  No lunches   No bus fare   No gas            

        •  Sip a cup of Java as you write

         Kick back in your pajamas


                 We can't make it any easier than that  :)



              Class Information

Horror House
Eight-Week Term
Emily-Jane Hills Orford
Was $260.00   NOW  $177
High Intermediate to Advanced Level

Beginning writers should first take Creative Writing 101, followed by Short Story Safari. Otherwise, you will not have the proper foundation to achieve success in this course.

If you want to write horror stories that will make your readers cringe in fear and keep every light blazing all night, this is the course for you. Learn what frightens the reader, and how to build terrifying characters.

You will study the effective use of the five senses, how to compel the reader, build conflict, and create tension in suspense. This course will teach you how to create adrenaline rushes as you study the elements of absence and presence.

And finally, you will bring it all together in a fiendish nightmare of events. A real steal, complete with a personal tutor for only $260. Sign up below.

* Students must have a good command of English, know proper punctuation, and how to form proper sentences. Be prepared to accept constructive criticism. Count on 90-120 minutes of homework a week.