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Nelson Skinner
CFO and Treasurer
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Nelson is a founding member of Creative Writing Institute, where he acts as Chief Financial Officer, treasurer, photographer, and sits on the board of directors. In addition, he is the bookkeeper and financial advisor for and photographer for Arca Trucks, Mecum Auctions, and other large firms.

Mr. Skinner is an ex-entrepreneur and founder of an independent agricultural outlet.

This man loves the good old days and he was privileged to be a part of them. Born in 1938 and raised on an old-fashioned farm, complete with outhouse and no electricity until 1948, he attended a one-room schoolhouse where all eight grades met in one room. He wears his heritage proudly and the values he received in a day when a handshake was as good as a contract.

In 1956 he and his family moved to Indianapolis, IN, where Nelson met and married his bride three years later. Today, he and his wife of 53 years have two children and four grandchildren.