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Jo Popek
Tutor of Short Story Safari, Creative Writing 101, Horror Hs., and Fantasy
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Creative Writing Institute proudly presents Ms. Jo, who tutors Short Story Safari, Creative Writing 101, Horror House, and Fantasy in Flight.

Ms. Popek graduated with honors from ENMU-R and holds a B.U.S. (Bachelor of University Studies)in Sociology and Psychology.

Jo was the prose and poetry editor for FYI in 1994, Senior editor for The Roswell Literary Review, Millennium Science Fiction, and Fantasy Magazines from 1998-2001, and now does public speaking.

Ms. Popek wrote the EPPIE 2000 and 2002 award winning collections of short stories, THE ADMINISTRATOR and SOUND THE RAM'S HORN and has had over 250 articles, stories, and poetry works published in various magazines. She has held memberships in EPIC, EPPRO, Ardeon, The Southwest Writers Association, and several associations for small press editors and publishers.

Creative Writing Institute is proud to have Ms. Jo on staff. We know you will profit much by her many experiences.