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Dr. Helen Tucker
School Counsellor
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Creative Writing Institute proudly welcomes Dr. Helen Tucker, MBChB; BSc.Micro. Briefly put, we now have our own in-house counselor who offers free guidance to CWI students and staff regarding personal health, grief, relationships, fears, stresses in writing, and life issues. This will particularly be beneficial to students on cancer scholarships, but we urge all students and staff to take advantage of this new service. Watch for the new Dr. Helen column in our newsletter.

Background: Dr. Tucker earned a degree in Microbiology in 1980, graduated from the University of Cape Town Medical School five years later, and worked in general practice and pediatrics in Africa until 1989. She joined the South West psychiatric rotation at Torbay hospital for four years and specialized in psycho-geriatrics 14 years. In 2006, Dr. Tucker moved into the realm of disability medicine and gained valuable experience in accidental injuries, emergencies, and orthopedics.

Dr. Helen is a published writer in consumer health and enjoys her family, dogs, and freelancing in her spare time.