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Reference Room


Fun Things

1. Can't think of a word? Use the Random Keyword Generator. What fun!


Famous Quotes

1. Wise sayings (divided by topic)

2. Writing Quotes

3. About Letters

4. Quotes about Poetry, Poems and Poets

5. Computer Programming

6. About Books and Reading

7. Brevity Quotes and Sayings

8. Historical

9. Grammar

10. Have you wondered what certain writing terms mean? Check here:

11. Media Quotes and Journalism Sayings


1. Word Magic by Cindy Rogers - Awesome techniques for advanced writers

2. Word Trippers by Barbara McNichol - Not sure which of two words you should use? Check this out.

3. Writer's Market - find the right market for your document

4. The Elements of Style by Strunk and White

5. The Elements of Grammar by Margaret Shertzer

6. The Elements of Editing by Arthur Plotnik

7. Formatting and Submitting Your Manuscript by Chuck Sambuchino

8. The Write Way by Richard Lederer and Richard Davis

9. The Little Book of Writing by Richard C VeitWord Play

10. What Happens When People Talk by Peter Farb

11. Writing for the Soul by Jerry B Jenkins 


Recommended Sites to Visit

1. - free writing community where you can post your work and get feedback (huge site)

2. - free writing community where you can post your work and get feedback (smaller site)


3. Historical Guide to American Literature -

4. has a fantastic selection of novels and audio books. Go to sleep listening to your favorite book!



1. This one is neat! Find Crossword Puzzle Solver, Text Translator, Word Games, Tools and Resources at 

2. Everyday dictionary that can't be beat:

3. Definitions, translations, or search all dictionaries at once at

4. Dictionary and Thesaurus

5. Medical Dictionary

6. Dictionary, Encyclopedia, & Thesaurus

7. Dictionary, Grammars for 350 languages, Puzzles, Word Games, Jokes, and Word of the Day – all at

8. Slang dictionary

9. Street lingo – stay hip at,28804,1809858_1809955_1811527,00.html

10. Reference Dictionary, Thesaurus, Quotations, English Usage, Religion and Mythology, Literary History and Literature, Anatomy, Cooking, Etiquette,        Parliamentary Procedure and Government

11. "Respectfully" Quotes: A Dictionary of Quotations –

12. Dictionary of Phrase and Fable -

13. Dictionary with rhymes, quotes and idioms -


Reference Books

1. World Atlas -

2. Mythology Atlas - (mythology)


3. Jewish Encyclopedia -

4. Medical Encyclopedia -

5. Wikipedia -



1. The Holy Bible -

2. Locate Bible verses at

3. Great Books Online -

4. CIA World Factbook -

5. "Respectfully" Quotes: A Dictionary of Quotations -

6. Collaborative Collection of Quotes -

7. The Elements of Style - a must for every writer -

8. If you need help in math, see Math Calculations and Computations -

9. Cambridge History of English and American Lit. -

10. William Shakespeare search -

11. Bartlett’s Shakespeare Quotations -

12. Anatomy of the Human Body -

13. Emily Post on Etiquette -

14. Robert’s Rules of Order -

15. Wm. Jennings Bryan -

16. American Historical Documents -

17. Scientific Papers on Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Geology -

18. Historic Voyages and Travels -

19. Emerson, Ralph Waldo -

20. Plato -